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Soft laser therapy could be the solution or a complementary treatment for even the most problematic skin types

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What is soft laser used for?

Acne treatment

With blue soft laser

Anti-wrinkle treatment

With red soft laser

Facelift treatment

With infrared soft laser

Optikop Beautylasers

Check out our most popular soft laser devices!

COMBI, a combined handheld laser

This handheld laser device combining red and infrared diodes offers a unique and innovative technological solution. It can be used as a red laser for the treatment of wrinkles to reduce inflammation, as an infrared laser to reach deeper tissues, and as a combined laser, so that it ensures the effect of both wavelengths at the same time, thus making lifting treatments especially effective. It can be used for "AllAges" quick lifting, which is a super-fast, painless facelifting treatment recommended for all age groups. Other advantages are graduated doses, performance control and portability. Its design is extremely user-friendly and safe.

BEAUTY CLASSIC tabletop soft laser control system

An "ALL-TIME CLASSIC"! It is characterized by clean shapes and extremely simple and functional handling. We recommend it for those who prefer proven and tested technological solutions. With this device, the entire spectrum of soft laser treatments performed in beauty salons can be covered, be it acne or wrinkle treatment, inflammation reduction, or anti-aging treatments. The three interchangeable heads work with red, blue and infrared diodes. We fully consider the needs of your beauty salon when assembling and programming the device in close cooperation with you. The tabletop controller can work with only one head and two more heads can be added to be operated consecutively.

COMBI 5G, a combined tabletop soft laser control system

This device with unrivalled knowledge is fast, safe and covers the entire soft laser therapy spectrum for beauty treatments. It is recommended for those who prefer innovative solutions. A blue light head for acne treatments and an infrared laser shower for effective anti-aging treatments can also be attached to this device. In addition to these, there is also a combined head for point treatments enabling extremely fast "AllAges" quick lifting soft laser treatment, but it can also be used as a single-diode head as a red or infrared laser. In addition to its modern look, we kept the simple user interface together with the sound technical solutions.

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