Soft laser therapy is nothing but light therapy.

"I am sure many people have heard that the light of the Sun was used for healing from ancient times.
Our skin needs sunlight for vitamin D production for example. Soft lasers work as special light sources that amplify a specific wavelength from the Sun's wavelength spectrum. We need to amplify the wavelengths to which biological tissue in our body reacts in an intended way. In this respect, several serious international studies have been published and there is several decades of scientific literature. Double-blind tests were conducted to determine what these wavelengths were. Using certain technological solutions, soft lasers emit only those amplified wavelengths for which scientific studies have demonstrated a positive effect on cells. We are able to dose and focus this light energy and deliver it to the skin.” – Júlia Bojtos, Managing Director of Gyógylézer Család Ltd.

What you need to know

about soft laser treatments

Areas of application of soft laser therapy for cosmetic purposes

  • acne treatment
  • eczema treatment
  • rosacea treatment
  • increase the number of collagen fibres
  • wrinkle removal
  • skin regeneration
  • pain relief
  • inflammation reduction
  • treatment of scar tissue
  • stimulation of wound healing
  • treatment of herpes simplex

Advantages of soft laser therapy

  • painless
  • non-contact application is possible and the accessories coming into contact can be disinfected
  • does not cause allergies, no side effects
  • unlike other procedures (e.g. cell exfoliation, dermaroller), it does not cause cell damage
  • anti-inflammatory and cell regenerating effect
  • stimulates the restoration of the original function of diseased cells (biostimulation)
  • treatment can be repeated several times (cures are recommended), the effects of the treatments add up

The mechanism of action of soft laser treatment

Laser light of the right wavelength biostimulates the cells, i.e. by transferring the energy of laser light, it increases ATP production in the mitochondria of cells. This increases the energy level of cells, improves their oxygen supply and thus promotes cellular respiration, accelerates metabolic processes, activates the functioning of fibroblast cells, thereby boosting the formation of collagen and elastic fibres and improving the regeneration of blood vessels. It also increases the permeability of the capillary network and the lymphatic system.

Acne treatment of a young man

"The young man attended 12 laser treatments twice weekly. I introduced pore cleansing only during the fourth treatment. By then, the inflammation had subsided significantly. After that, I combined every third treatment (so the 7th, 10th and 12th treatments) with facial steaming and pore cleansing. After the cure, the client had one maintenance laser treatment every three weeks, which was combined with facial steaming and pore cleansing.”

Tímea PetrovszkiBEAUTICIAN

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