Optikop Beautylasers

Hungarian prices, Swiss quality, German reliability

Gyógylézer Család, the manufacturer of OPTIKOP Beautylasers and Ervin Tanos and his lasers have been available to the cosmetics industry again since 2017 offering the following:

  • self-manufactured lasers,
  • servicing,
  • soft laser therapy training courses, rated as excellent by participants,
  • consultancy,
  • interesting and useful interviews and articles!

Our team of experts

Ervin Tanos

Physicist, co-author of the book Soft laser therapy, founder

Júlia Bojtos

Economist, Executive Director, founder

Erika Tábori

Master Beautician, certified trainer

Dr. Edit Bogdányi

Medical Specialist, Dermatologist

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Our media appearances

Fülbevaló (Ear rings) – KLUBRÁDIÓ

Our Managing Director, Júlia Bojtos and our senoir professional speaker, Erika Tábori Master Beautician talked about soft laser treatment options in cosmetic practices, benefits for beauticians and their clients, safety requirements to be observed during treatments, and other such important and interesting issues.

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TestŐr (BodyGuard) - TV2

We appeared on a TV show of channel TV2 entitled "TestŐr". Soft laser treatments are still relatively unknown, people struggling with problem skin often give it a try as a last resort. Beauticians and their clients are equally amazed at how fast these pain-free treatments produce spectacular results. Júlia Bojtos, our Managing Director, talked about soft laser treatments.

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Vény nélkül (Without a prescription) – KLUBRÁDIÓ

Dr. Judit Horváth, General Practitioner - Chief Medical Officer, author of a book entitled Soft Laser Therapy and our founder, Ervin Tanos, physicist, were guests on the show called “Vény nélkül”. This was the first time they gave an interview together. They talked about the effects and benefits of soft laser therapy, and the medical fields and conditions, where Optikop soft laser devices can be used.

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Our main partners

  • Boutique Cosmetic – Budapest, Erika Tábori Master Beautician
  • DermaHelp Acne Treatment Centre, Budapest
  • Judit Karl Beautician, Budapest
  • Katalin Szaploncai Beautician, Budapest
  • Orsolya Mohai Borostyánné Beautician, Székesfehérvár
  • Margit Nagy Káplárné Beautician, Jászapáti
  • Nascor Beauty Salon – Szombathely, Borbála Bazsó Beautician
  • Tengerszem Beauty Salon – Törökbálint, Enikő Kovács Master Beautician
  • Teljesség Szépsége Natural Beauty Salon – Orosháza, Tímea Petrovszki, Beautician

What people say about us

"Among my very first clients there was a boy whom I didn't even want to treat at first. His acne was very deep, confluent and almost completely covering the lower part of his face. I can tell you that thanks to soft laser therapy, his grave acne has disappeared without a trace. The boy is very happy. He often tells me that he really likes to visit me, especially since I don't have to squeeze his pimples."

Enikő KovácsMaster Beautician

"What I liked and found encouraging was its immediately visible effect. There was an instant reaction, a clear change, and this inspired me. I am still inspired by seeing the immediately visible improvement of the skin during a soft laser treatment."

Erika TáboriMaster Beautician

"With a soft laser we may not always achieve results at once and multiple treatments can be necessary, but for me it is very important to know that it doesn’t damage cells but has a biostimulating effect instead, i.e. it stimulates the restoration of the original function of diseased cells. I was able to achieve very good results with my clients suffering from acne and skin inflammation."

Borbála BazsóBeautician

"I like this device because it can be beneficial for everyone. It can be used for soothing seborrheic skin after cleansing. Great results can be achieved by a single cleaning and 3 additional laser treatments. So, teenagers don’t have to be afraid of us because we won’t be causing them any pain."

Margit Nagy KáplárnéBeautician

Pain-free beauty

Useful interviews with our expert speakers

Our team

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